Our Specialties as a Manufacturers Representative

BSA is large enough to offer a full range of services, yet small enough to provide personalized attention. We are independent manufacturers reps committed to growing your brand!

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Sales Product Training

Our knowledgeable, experienced sales team will conduct training for their distributors and end users about your product’s applications, function, features, and use.

Site Audits

Our sales reps utilize our knowledge of regulations and solutions by conducting site surveys to assist end users in product applications and compliance, as well as maximize our value to our distributor partners.

Work with End Users

We address end users’ concerns through an in-depth process, working with them to get a firm grasp of the issues they face and presenting solutions tailored to individual problems.

Trade Show Setup & Interaction

Our sales team represents manufacturers at many trade shows, from regional Midwest events to national events, showing off their services and products to engaged audiences.

Open House Setup & Interaction

We coordinate open house events for both end users and distributors, and offer training and product demonstrations for attendees.


We utilize the latest technology to communicate with our team and partners, offering clarity and simplicity in all communications endeavors.

Electronic Marketing Campaigns

We design and distribute email marketing materials to communicate your promotional offers, ideas, and products, existing or new, to the relevant audiences.

Custom Flyer Design

Our marketing team creates custom flyers for our distributors to better equip them to market your products, programs, and solutions.

Database Management

We manage a database of distributors, giving us keen insight into who is buying what and how other products might complement what they are currently buying.

Inside Sales

Our inside sales team helps keep our outside sales representatives in front of your customer, as well as follow up on leads and outbound sales calls.

Lead Followup Services

We track all inbound leads and automatically send you monthly updates regarding the outcome. Post-trade show leads are contacted by email and followed up with phone calls.

Quality Customer Service

Our customer service team cares about getting things right. From sales and product questions and issues to shipping samples and providing quotes, we value courteous and prompt resolve.

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