Core Values

The Human Connection: What Drives BSA to Succeed

BSA’s core value is leveraging our face-to-face relationships; sharing our manufacturing partners’ values, culture, solutions, and product features and benefits with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting relationship with each company.

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The Great Value of Face-to-Face Communication in a Digital World

In the era of online purchasing, there will always be a need for face-to-face conversations to truly understand the product, application and solution. No amount of video tutorials and literature can replace human connection. BSA becomes an invaluable resource to your brand the moment you consult with one of our knowledgeable, tenured professionals. These team members help educate and advise you in multiple product areas while creating a cohesive, long-term success strategy.

Synergy & Growth: The True BSA Difference

BSA is driven by your success. When you grow, our network grows – and we grow. Our entire manufacturing marketing ecosystem works together to help each client and partner succeed in their respective industry and market. Our team is dedicated to fully understanding the products and solutions you offer. Why? Because the moment we see an opportunity for growth and success, we strike on your behalf and promote the great value of your brand. You will enjoy the fruits of our commitment to direct communication and professional relationships.

Leading With Experience, Leveraging Your Strengths

The average tenure of our outside sales is 18 years. We bring our Midwest values and years of relationships and, together, leverage those on your behalf. We represent world-class manufacturers. When presented together, BSA creates a single source solution for the industrial and safety distributor which successfully elevates all of our partners!

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