BSA is committed to growing your business. A strong combination of strategy and a world-class sales force makes us a leader in the field of outsourced sales representatives.

Management Structure

BSA is unique in the manufacturing representative industry in respect to our management structure. Instead of independent sales representatives in the field, we operate as a corporation. Our sales people are employees of BSA, with all of the benefits associated with a salaried plus bonus sales position. This ensures that our manufacturing partners are getting 100% support from all of the personnel within our organization. It also guarantees a top-down management strategy that allows us to parallel our objectives with your goals.

Market Penetration

Working with BSA will allow your organization to maximize it’s market penetration. We have over 100 years of combined sales experience in marketing products through safety, industrial, contractor supply, and traffic safety channels of distribution. Our long term strategy is to grow our overall business through maximizing our distribution base and to continue to look for alternative channels of distribution instead of adding more lines to represent. This is a winning strategy for BSA and our manufacturing partners.

Synergistic Selling

Over the years, BSA has been selective in partnering with the manufacturers that we represent. This is due to the power of presenting related products and solving multiple problems in the work place during one sales call. This system allows you, the manufacturer, to take advantage of having your products sold among other related items. When we sit down with a prospect, we can solve multiple problems with one meeting. This makes both the manufacturer and BSA more valuable, not only to the end user but the product manager, distributor salesperson, and other decision makers who will influence buying decisions.

Comprehensive Business Plans

We strongly believe in setting expectations for ourselves and our partners. It is vital to our success as a team to take the time to discuss where we and our manufactures are today and plan for where we want to be in the next year and into the future. BSA will analyze your product mix, your existing customer base, and what alternative channels might exist to expand your business. With your input, we will develop a comprehensive business plan tailored to your needs as an organization. We then will execute the plan so that as a team, we will achieve those expectations.

Because of our unique philosophy as an independent manufacturers’ representative, we have been able to establish long-term partnerships with many leading manufacturers including: Stanco, Tingley, Helly Hansen, Occunomix, Stearns,  Kappler, and Ultratech International.

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